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- Every episode of this anime has a distinct closing sequence. For this episode, a small cartoonish Kousaku finds himself on diverse portions of the numerous woman characters of the exhibit, for example among their boobs or on their own noses. YouTube video clip of complete episode, commencing at GTS scenes

- Early during the episode, Sakura captures the massive card. Its Bodily variety is always that of an exceedingly tall slender blue woman, dressed similar to a medieval princess with a divided hennin. Afterwards, thanks to the Develop card, a giant dragon seems outside city, and Sakura must use the Big card to develop and match the dragon's top, retaining it from reaching town till it disappears and she or he captures the card.

- Papycha attempts to market an artifact to two stunning feminine buyers, finally demonstrating the Teeny Weeny Wand where by the red side from the wand shrinks something to small dimension as well as the blue facet enlarges the thing again to typical. Papycha demonstrates the wand by making use of it on Joris. Papycha presents the wand to one of the ladies, who proceeds to shrink Papycha in lieu of enlarging Joris back again to regular.

- Sunny Bridges' recent anxiety and insufficient confidence is leading to him to shrink. The same situation happens with Sunny's mentor, Bullfrog.

- Within the “Acquaintances” section, that's a parody of “Good friends,” the Warners get there at Liberty Island on the ship. The moment they disembark, the Warners greet Woman Liberty with their common “howdy” line, and that’s when the statue relates to everyday living, she’s spooked via the sight of “Terrible little Dog children,” and sends all three siblings traveling with a swift kick. [

- Soon after Tale time with the young children within The varsity, Pablo arrives for his change. He displays Dora and Naiya a hoop he observed as he programs on telling the children a Tale with regards to the ring. Right after putting it on, Pablo shrinks in front of the ladies. After Dora picks him up the girls head off towards The varsity library to seek out information about the ring. After the music together with a number of additional handheld scenes, check here they discovered some information and facts.

- A Television set series where check here every single episode is based on the famous fairy tale or bit of folklore. A person these episode was an abridged Edition of Alice in Wonderland. YouTube video clip of total episode in Italian dub

- Lola, a different female dinosaur, is uncovered, generating Lucy satisfied she isn't the only girl any more. Unusual matters commence going on to the gang with Lola all over, and it doesn't take long to recognize that Lola is Functioning for Skor.

- Billy requests Grim to shrink him to very small size so he might go inside of Mandy and steal her nerve. When Mandy is asleep, Grim retains Billy previously website mentioned her up-turned ear ahead of he cannonballs inside of.

- Perona can use her Satan fruit to make an astral projection of herself and might transform It is really dimension at will, which she does when her ghosts haven't any effect on Usopp. YouTube movie of GTS scene. [hevex9]

- Captain K'nuckles steals a giant mermaid queen's coronary heart crammed with needs (in the shape of sweet) so he and Flapjack can head to Candied Island, but they rapidly misuse the wishes and learn the mermaid little by little dies into zombie kind with Just about every and each want they make.

- Soon after An additional unsuccessful try at capturing Princess Bubblegum, the Ice King decides that he has to go someplace new and heads out to sea. After a storm has other ideas, he winds up shipwrecked on an island.

- The women begin to doze off even though driving (a harmful proposition, even when there are no other cars) and choose to take a relaxation day. They Engage in a recreation akin to an inverted Edition of Jenga, in which they contend to equilibrium bits of rubble along with each other to construct a tower. Naturally, Yuu's endeavours are usually bolstered by practical gusts of “wind.

- Within this episode, Eiichi is shrunk by a tool just like Doraemon’s micro flash. As expected, he includes a shrunken misadventure. At a single position, he’s approached by two of his good friends, Miyoko and an unknown Female. I do not know whatever they say (since it’s in Japanese with no subtitles) but they appear to be fascinated at Eiichi’s recent top. The unnamed Lady picks him up by his shirt collar and receives a better evaluate very small Eiichi. Miyoko claims something that may counsel they place him again down and Enable him be on his way.

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